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The Subversive Kind

Band: Deliverance
Released: 2017
Label: Roxx Records
Rating: 5/5 Skulls (1)

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Album Info: Released February 23rd, 2018 on Roxx Records, this is the band's 11th album. The album was fully funded via IndieGoGo.
The album is a true return to form for these Christian thrash pioneers, boosting 8 brand new tracks that truly bring the thrash back.
Hailing from Los Angeles, the band is comprised of members Jimmy Brown (founding member, lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Glenn Rogers (original member, lead/rhythm guitar), Victor Macias (formerly of Tourniquet, bass), and Jim Chaffin (formerly of the Crucified drums), with guest lead guitar work by Greg Minier.
"After so many years touring and recording I was honored to be asked back in Deliverance," says Rogers. "We have unfinished business, and with 'The Subversive Kind', I hope the fans will rediscover what Big D is all about."
'The Subversive Kind' is a true return to form for these Christian thrash pioneers, boosting 8 brand new tracks that truly bring the thrash back. Bill Bafford of Roxx Records had this to say about the partnership - "We are very excited to once again be partnering with 3 Frogz, Jimmy Brown and Deliverance to bring you this awesome thrash release"


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Jimmy P. Brown II - Vocals/Rhythm Guitars
Glenn Rogers (Vengeance Rising, Max Blam Jam, Hirax, Once Dead) - Lead Guitar
Victor Macias (Tourniquet) - Bass
Jim Chaffin (The Crucified, Fasedown, The Blamed, Once Dead) - Drums

Additional Personnel:
Greg Minier (The Crucified, Applehead) - Guitars

Reviews For "The Subversive Kind"

Deliverance resurrects old school thrash!

By tombie on 10/10/2017

I have been anticipating this album since Jimmy Brown announced it many months ago. I supported it via IndieGoGo the day that it was available and that anticipation grew daily. Well, it has finally arrived and I can barely contain myself. I have been a big BIG D fan since I first heard them back on the California Metal release back in 1987. Even through the style changes, I have liked them but preferred the thrash styles of old. Well, not only are they back, but they are doing it old school thrash style and I could not be more stoked. I LOVE THRASH!!!
One thing I noticed right off and actually really love is the raw, almost live, feel of the album. No frills, no gimmicks, just pure, raw, in your face THRASH METAL! The way it was meant to be heard.
The album contains 8 tracks and clocks in at around 32 minutes.
This is one of the coolest album covers, I think even better than weapons.
The album features Jimmy Brown on vocals and rhythm guitars (Wouldn't be Deliverance any other way), Glenn Rogers on lead guitars, Victor Macias on bass, and The Crucified's Jim Chaffin bangin' the skins. Greg Minier, also from the Crucified, helped out on guitars.
Well, let's get into this...
The opening track is titled "Bring 'em Down". It starts off with Jimmy shouting, "Superficial views of what my life's supposed to be..." with crunchy guitars going and then the drums kick in and MOSH time! This song is crunchy, punchy and head bangin' worthy. This is a cool song and starts the album off right. Very old school Big D sounding... all I can say is aaaahhhh! Did I mention that I LOVE THRASH?!?
The next track is "Concept Of The Other". It starts off with the pedal to the metal... This song rocks from start to finish. Glenn Rogers shreds on this one and, well... wow!
"Center Of It All" is the next track and, yep... more THRASH. This is another mosher, loud and true! I love it!
The next track is "The Black Hand". This song starts off with a cool bass riff before kicking in to full gear. Almost has that "Weapons" feel... can't go wrong there.
Next is "Epilogue". This is more of a slow to mid tempo tune but still sounds cool. More thrashy than speed metal. I like it.
"Listen Closely" is next. It starts up like a fine tuned dragster getting ready to hit maximum RPM. This is another great mosher.
The title track is next and is my favorite song on the album. This song is fast, furious and freakin' awesome! Hold on, gotta go jump off of something. Yeah, this song kicks!!!
The last track is called "The Fold". This song has a nice cool long intro before revvin' up to high gear. Another great tune.
Overall, this was well worth the wait. Raw, thrashy, and not over produced. The song writing and lyrics show the maturity of the band. Jimmy sounds as good as ever, not only on vocals but the rhythm guitar work as well. Glenn Rogers shreds with aggression and Victor's bass work is excellent. Add the percussion concussion of Jim Chaffin and this is one of the best Big D albums ever! Oh, and I did mention that I LOVE THRASH, right???

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