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Long Way Back To The Moon

Band: Galactic Cowboys
Released: 2017
Label: Music Theories Recordings
Rating: 5/5 Skulls (1)

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Album Info: Released November 17, 2017 on Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Records, this is the band's seventh studio album and first in nearly seventeen years. On July 4, 2016, they announced via bassist Monty's Rockcast podcast (#176) that they had signed with a progressive record label and were working on a new album with the original lineup (Colvin, Huggins, Doss, Sonnier).
Said Colvin: "It was an absolute pleasure getting back together with the guys to record this album. I think we've all grown as musicians and as people since we first got together in '89, and I think our fans will really love this new stuff."
They descended upon Doss's studio in Houston, Texas in early 2016 to write and record.
"Internal Masquerade", the album’s first single, examines the turmoil endemic to the human experience and the difficulties in keeping self-generated darkness at bay. A video for the song was created.
The second single, "Zombies", is a tongue-in-cheek study on finding love on the last day of human existence, blended with social commentary regarding modern society's obsession with its electronic screens.
A special treat for fans both old and new is "In The Clouds", the album's leadoff track and also the first GALACTIC COWBOYS song ever written. Penned in 1989 by Doss and Colvin after the demise of their previous outfit, THE AWFUL TRUTH, the song explores leaving the banal confines of this world behind and ascending to a higher plane of existence. It's also the song Huggins sang to earn his spot in the band!


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Ben Huggins - Vocals/Acoustic Guitars
Dane Sonnier - Guitars/Vocals/Keyboards
Monty Colvin (Awful Truth) - Bass/Vocals
Alan Doss (Awful Truth) - Drums/Vocals

Reviews For "Long Way Back To The Moon"

GC are back and sound like they never left!

By tombie on 10/31/2017

2017 has been a great year for new releases and near the top of my most anticipated releases is "Long Way Back To The Moon" by Galactic Cowboys. It has been about seventeen years since they released their last album, "Let It Go" back in 2000. The album features original founding members Colvin, Doss, Huggins, and Sonnier. Now, we have had quite a few bands get back together and release new albums after many years of absence from the music scene only to fall short of their former glory.
Well, let's see where this album falls.
The first track is called "In The Clouds". The one thing I notice in the first thirty seconds is... this is Galactic Cowboys! It is kind of a slow-mid tune and Ben sounds exactly the same. The song also has those beetle-esque harmonies that GC is famous for. So far, GC has not lost a step.
Next track is "Internal Masquerade". This song was actually released back in September and it is more of a fast-midtempo tune. When I first heard this, it jumped my anticipation up a few notches... great tune.
"Blood In My Eyes" is the third track and it is a midtempo rocker with a driving beat that will get your foot tappin' and head rockin'. Dang! so far, it sounds like there was only seventeen days in-between releases, not years.
"Next Joke" is the next song and it is another midtempo rocker. I really like this one. Has that hard driving, near thrash feel with Ben's great voice and those harmonies... love those harmonies.
The next track is "Zombies". It too was released previously and it just rocks. It's a little faster temo'd and has that GC sound and feel. May be my fav...
"Drama" is the next song and it is a slow to midtemp song with cool driving guitars that remind me of a slow powerful motor daring to be stopped. This is a great song and I see no sign of any GC letdown.
"Amisarewas" has a cool guitar intro. It is a slower tempo's tune and you can really feel Huggin's passion and conviction. The harmonies are great and the song almost has a balladic feel to it. The tone is low and heavy... GC style at its best!
"Hate Me" moshes in with full frontal assault. This song rocks! You will have to stand when listening to this one and make sure you have plenty of clearance in all directions.
The next song is "Losing Ourselves". It is a slow to midtempo, low grinding song that sounds like.. yep, you guessed it, GC! I seriously cannot believe how much they HAVE NOT changed. And... that is a GOOD thing!
Next on the agenda is "Agends", see what I did there? Yeah! It is another great drivin' midtempo rocker. Those harmonies are what truly draw me to bands like GH and King's X... true art!
Next is the title track. Another slow to midtempo song but the vocals sound different. Not sure who is singing but it sounds great. Love the pre-chorus, chorus, verses, bridge, outro.. OK, you get the idea, it rocks.
Now, we have two more songs but they appear to be bonus tracks. The first is called "Believing The Hype". It is a fast to midtempo thrasher and Tommy likey.
And to finish it all off, "Say Goodby To Utopia". It starts off with some nice harmony and then it kicks in... another midtempo thrash type tune. I really love the slow, low grinding sound that is Galactic Cowboys.
Overall, this album did not disappoint at all, in fact, it was a pleasant surprise. I love that they have not missed a beat in seventeen years and like a fine wine, they just got better over the years. So glad to have them back on the active rock scene and hopefully this is not the last we hear from them for another seventeen years.

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