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Nuclear Sunrise

Band: Hand Of Fire
Released: 2017
Label: Rottweiler Records
Rating: 5/5 Skulls (1)

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Album Info: Released November 17, 2017 on Rottweiler Records, this is the San Francisco based thrasher's debut album. Produced by Juan Urteaga (Testament, Exodus, Machinehead), it contains 8 tracks of old school thrash metal... yet, with a new school touch. The album art was created by Paul Stier of The Savage Art Studios.
"It's a ripper, but it's is about more than making noise; it's content heavy, tackling social constructs that have poisoned the well of sanctity in the Christian culture today. It's intentionally controversial and creates a new take on the well-traveled Apocalyptic end as we know it."
~HM Magazine


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Jim Settle (Tantrum Of The Muse, Bore) - Lead Vocals
Tiago Souza (Bore, Perpetual Paranoia) - Guitars
Tom Eaton (Bomb And Scary, Something Left Unsaid, Bore) - Bass
Bill Davies (Chürchfield, Bore) - Drums

Reviews For "Nuclear Sunrise"

New, old-school thrash metal!

By tombie on 9/26/2017

They believed that it was dead, that it was over. Some tried to revive it, some refused to let go and clung on to its memories, others felt that it had run its course and it was laid to rest... so they thought.
For years it lied underground... lifeless, forgotten, all but silent, but little did they know, it's heartbeat never diminished. Now, like a zombie breaking through the earth's crust to reach the surface, it has emerged... stronger... angrier... hungrier, hence the ascent of this new wave of old school thrash. The resurrection of bands thought to have been deceased (Consecrator, Vengeance Rising, etc..) steadily surge. Bands that had turned away are now revolving back to their roots (Metallica, Megadeth, Deliverance), and now, the emanation of new bands are gaining the attention of the masses.
One such band is Hand of Fire. This San Francisco based band released their debut album "Nuclear Sunrise" on Rottweiler Records and they are ready to feast!
The album features eight tracks of brain sloshing thrash metal... Two tracks have already been released earlier this year, "Let The Killings Begin" and "The Prophecy" and so the anticipation for this release has been immense.
The first track, "Let The Killings Begin" has been in my favorite's list since its release on Noisetrade. The album track has a longer intro and a better production. This song just rocks! It's fast, furious and full of neck cracking moshness. The lyrical theme is on the end times.
"Black Out The Sun
Let The Killing Begin
Blood Of The Moon
Let The Killing Begin
Falling Stars
Let The Killings Begin
Wings Of Death
Let The Killing Begin."
Vocalist, Jim Settle, belts out the chorus with much belligerence and intensity.
The next track is titled "Some Will Say". It too, is a fast paced song with plenty of double bass, in your face, finish the race poundage. This song is more of a melodic thrash tune and Settle's voice has that nice raspy flair that fits well with this style of music.
The third track is "The Prophecy". This was also released earlier this year and has inhabited my favorite's list since. The musicianship is tight and skillfully placed within the concoction of this full frontal assault on your earholes.
"Reap What You Sow" is the next track and this is old school thrash at its finest, yet with just enough interfusion of new school to keep it fresh. Another tune to add to my Favorites.
Next is the title track... At this point, I feel like a life-sized bobblehead doll with my cranium convulsing at 100 miles per hour. I also think a little Grave Forsaken sounding which is a good thing... a real good thing.
Bleeding Out is the next tune and the moshing momentum declines to ease down. Fast and furious, this tune may be my favorite... The drumming is heavy and rapid with the rest keeping pace with ease. Jim's vocals scream across with rage and intention.
Okay, so now the next track, "Burn It Down" just became my favorite song on the album! This song kicks some serious tail! Permeating my 1,500 watt Bose with head jarring tunage, this song rocks!!!
Alright, one last song... "Walk". What a way to end a great album. This song is another great tune with a ton of kick. Tommy likey...
Overall, this album was well worth the wait. It's full of fury, fierceness, and FIRE. The production, songwriting, album art, and feel is excellent. Head bangin' from start to finish, and to sum it up best, I use a quote by Clark W. Griswold; "Where's the Tylenol".

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