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D.O.G. [Disciples Of God]

Originated: Los Angeles, California
Country: United States of America
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal

Bio: D.O.G. is an acronym for Disciples Of God! and that is just what this band is all about! And with many years in the Christian Metal Scene between them (Neon Cross, Holy Soldier, Vengeance Rising) they know just how to get it done!
As much as the band would probably not like you to say this, you could classify this release as a Christian Metal Super Group! When you have pro players like Terry Russell of Holy Soldier and Neon Cross on drums and singing lead vocals as well as Larry Farkas of Vengeance Rising and Die Happy on guitars along side Don Webster of Neon Cross on guitar and lastly featuring the bass talents of Terry's son Colton Russell on bass one might say it's got a bit of that going on here. BUT, the sound here is something completely different then all the aforementioned bands, this music is on the straight up heavy metal side with vocals from Terry tending to sound a little like a cross between Lemmy and James Hetfield.

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