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EDL [Every Day Life]

Originated: Newport Beach California
Country: United States of America
Genre: Rapcore

Bio: Every Day Life (later simply known as EDL) was a Christian rapcore group. The band became identified with the Straight Edge movement, which advocates abstinence from sex, drugs, and tobacco. EDL was founded in 1992 as Every Day Life In Southern California. Early on the band signed to R.E.X. Records and laid down some material for an album. However, the label went defunct before releasing any EDL material. After finally being released from that contract, they signed with Alarma Records and produced their debut album, Disgruntled. For the band, the delays were intolerable. Frontman Cookerly reported that "when I got into the studio, I got upset and angry and yelled my way through it... My goal was to write the most upset record the Christian market had ever seen, to completely alienate everybody." Production was managed by Lanny Cordola. In addition to sporting an American Flag with the bands name cut out, the cover image of Disgruntled shows a scene from the Reginald Denny incident, part of the Los Angeles riots of 1992. The flag was intended to represent the broken ideal of American life, and the photo to be a graphic portrayal of the extremes of life and society.

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