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Germán Pascual

Originated: Stockholm
Country: Sweden
Genre: Metal

Bio: Germán is a man with a very special voice, born in Uruguay, raised in Brazil, he has lived in Stockholm Sweden since his early teens and has achieved much success and notoriety in Sweden and around the world in the last few years. His name has been lauded greatly and likened with the greatest melodic metal voices of our day, voices like Ronnie James Dio, Jorn Lande, David Coverdale to mention but a few in reviews from metal media. Germán was named as "the best metal voice 2009" by "The Gates of Metal".
At five years old, Germán sang to the radio with everything.... popular music to opera even classical music. In 1994 Germán began an education in voice and music. Longing for Sweden again, he returned to look for work and a way back into music, doing a short stint with a Rap artist D.J. Mendez, but his friends helped him realize... he was meant for metal.
Starting music as a drummer in a thrash band at 15, he was invited to try out for a much better band rehearsing next door as a vocalist when they overheard him screaming next door. It was to be his destiny, the band next door was MINDS EYE. In 2008 NARNIA needed a singer, and through a good friend Germán made contact with Narnia guitarist C.J Grimmark. The rest is history... "Course of a Generation" by Narnia was launched in late 2009. Feeling blessed to have found this great situation in Narnia, Germán was stunned when the band decided to end all activity. In addition to music, Germán works with the less fortunate, the homeless, those drug addicted, in general.... people in need of support in Stockholm's Stadsmission.

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