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Reborn [Phillipines]

Originated: Manila
Country: Philippines
Genre: Hard Rock/Metal

Bio: REBORN is a metal band based in Metro Manila, Philippines. It was founded in 2014.
The band members are: Rhayan Linga - vocals, Sunil Dholwani - guitars, Choi Felipe - drums, and Mark Natividad - bass.
The band has a signature tone which combines heavy metal and different sub-genres of metal such as, groove metal, new school metal, metalcore and progmetal. Their music also includes technical sounds, industrial sounds and melodic solos.
Lyrically, the songs combine the sharing of experiences of the band members from being risen from darkness and leaving their old ways to providing a message of hope that others can also step in their footsteps and be redeemed.
The bands ultimate goal is to perform music that would bring people closer to the reality that light and is just awaiting those who repent.

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