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Originated: Nixa, Missouri
Country: United States of America
Genre: Hard Rock

Bio: SaltBox is more than just a band... it's a movement. As a band we are passionately pursuing a generation that does not know Christ, and we are determined to see a move of God in our day! Having said that, not every place we play is open to this kind of ministry. It is our desire to become all things to all men, so that we might win some. To a lot of places we are just a rockin band, for them we rock! To others we are a positive role model, we take that responsibility seriously. But to some who are praying for help, we get to be an answer to prayer. We are constantly amazed by the things God does! I want you to know that if you have something going on in your life that seems hopeless, God can and will help you, simply because He loves you.

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