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Over The Mountain

by Stryper

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Bio: Stryper is an American Christian heavy metal band from Orange County, California. The group's lineup consists of Michael Sweet (lead vocals, guitar), Oz Fox (guitar), Tim Gaines (bass guitar), and Robert Sweet (drums). In 2004, Gaines left the band and was replaced by Tracy Ferrie (bass guitar) but rejoined in 2009.
Formed in 1983 as Roxx Regime, the band soon changed their musical message to reflect...

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Album Spotlight

Songs For The Ritually Abused by Randy Rose is in the album spotlight for April. This is the Sixth studio album from Randy Rose. "This record is the hardest hitting record I have ever worked on musically and lyrically, be forewarned, this is not for the faint of heart. This record takes a hard honest look at satanic ritual abuse, and the trauma associated with recovery from what evil naturally does, I held nothing back on this record, musically and lyrically. If you're a fan of 'Queens Of The Stone Age', and 'Black Sabbath', and heavy 'stoner rock', you will love this record." - Randy Rose.

Classic Spotlight

Intense Defense by Joshua Perahia is in the classic spotlight for April. Realeased in 1988 on RCA Records and produced by Dieter Dierks (Scorpions), this album featured musicians; Rob Rock, Greg Shultz, Emil Lech and Tim Gehrt. Joshua Perahia is an American guitarist in the Hard Rock/Glam metal/AOR fields of rock; BURRN!! Magazine has called him The Fastest Guitarist in the World. This line-up recorded one of the finest mixtures of the commercial 80's metal with the classic 80's AOR sound. Magazines such as Kerrang!, Metal Forces, and Aardshok hail this release as the best AOR hard rock album ever.


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