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Dead Air

Dead Air is our regular rotation, the stuff you're dying to hear. We mix great Christian hard rock and metal from the 80s to today! Bands like Rob Rock, Disciple, Stryper, Believer, Demon Hunter, Whitecross, The Showdown and more...24/7!

Requests and Quick Plays (QPs) are mixed in during our regular rotation so check out our large song list.
All day, every day

Pretty Dead

Pretty Dead is our all female fronted rock and metal show...
This show features thirty minutes of hard rock and metal sung by the ladies. So every Monday morning, Dead to Self will be rocking like girls!!!

Mondays at 7am Pacific

A Near LIVE Experience!

This 60 minute syndicated show is hosted by the owner of Dead to Self and Fuel Radio, tombie (Tom Johns). tombie plays all types of music from his vast album collection and attempts to entertain with his insights and witty dialogue.. we emphasize the word "attempts". Seriously though, tombie has been involved in radio for over fifteen years and still doesn't know what he's doing... Okay, now seriously, this show is just tombie being tombie and demonstrating what makes him tombie; God, family, fun, and anything else that can get the attention of this ADHD/OCD crazed lunatic... Squirrel!!!

Mondays at 8am Pacific

Twice Dead Tuesdays

Twice Dead Tuesdays, if you think once is good... you're gonna love twice! Two songs in a row from your favorite artists every hour, all Tuesday long!

Tuesdays starting at 12am Pacific

Tutti Morti

Tutti Morti is Italian for All Dead...
This show features thirty minutes of hard rock and metal from all over the world with bands like HB, VIP, Nona and more...

Tämä näytä ominaisuudet ja kolmekymmentä minuuttia aikaa hard rock kaikkialta maailmasta ja bändit kuten HB , VIP ja Nona ja paljon muuta...

La mostra presenta 30 minuti di hard rock e metal di tutto il mondo con band come HB, VIP, Nona e più...

Wednesdays at 7am Pacific

Skin & Bones

Skin & Bones is a sixty minute show featuring a mix of cover and acoustic songs. Skin is the outter covering, so this is represented by cover tunes... remakes of songs by other bands. Bones are what are left after stripping down everything and are represented by acoustic songs... songs stripped down and primarily using instruments that produce sound through acoustic means.

Wednesdays at 11am Pacific

Day Of The Dead

Join us every Thursday for Day Of The Dead! Starting at 12 AM Pacific time, you will hear at least 3 classics in a row every hour, all day long. Greats like Barren Cross, Bride, Stryper, Ransom, Saint, Messiah Prophet, Rez, and many more from the 80s and 90s... so get out your spandex, hairspray, and make-up and crank up the Dead!

Thursdays starting at 12am Pacific

Divine Aggression Radio

This is the show that breaks all the stereotypes about Christian music with your host Kelly Matthews, vocalist for Lordchain and Step Cousin.
On Divine Aggression Radio you will hear the best melodic Christian hard rock and metal. Everything from Theocracy and Signum Regis to Resurrection Band, Barren Cross, Disciple, Skillet and so much more.
"I have been in the Christian rock and metal music business since 1990. I started broadcasting in terrestrial radio in 1991 and that continued on and off through 2006. I developed a passion for internet radio in 2011 and have hosted Divine Aggression since September of 2013. I've interviewed bands such as Sacred Warrior, Deliverance, Bloodgood, Whitecross, Disciple, Stryper and many more. I love Christian rock and metal music. More than that, I love Jesus."
~ Kelly Matthews

Thursdays at 8am Pacific


If you like guitar shreddin’ thunder at lightning speed with earth quaking hooks then gather together Fridays at 7am and 7pm Pacific for Armashreddin’…. 60 minutes of pure shred, such as was not since men were upon the earth …
Shredonators like Tony Palacios, Dennis Cameron, Rex Carroll, Phil Keaggy, Jeff Scheetz, Rob Perez and more bring the atomic boom only on Dead To Self Radio... SHRED Never Sounded So Good!

Fridays at 7am & 7pm Pacific

The Dead Of Night

This late night show features music loud enough to wake the dead! Sixty minutes of thrash, punk, industrial, and old school hardcore.. for the nocturnal and the insomniacs.

Fridays at 9pm Pacific

DEADcember Daze

We are mixing in the Christmas music throughout the month of December. You will hear at least two Christmas songs every hour.

All December long

December 2017

Our Hard Music Station...

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