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Band: Adorned Graves
Album: The Hand Of Death
Length: 5:36
Year: 2015
Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Independent
Requests: 39

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"I Speak The Truth And I Got The Right
I Turn Pure Dark Into White Light
And If You Step Right Into My Way
You Nevermore Will See The Light Of The Day!"

"I Bring Good News I'm The Bearer Of Light
We'll Kill All The Hostiles, The Forces Of Night
And If You Don't Join Up With My Core
I'll Spit You Out And I Will Wage War!"

Fightgrinder: Law Of Enmity
Fightgrinder: Bear Down To Be Free

"I Ride Holy Missiles 'n Bless Canons For War,
Kill All The Evil Like In Good Times Before
And If You're Dying There Right By My Side
You'll Go To Heaven Because Of Your Fight!"

Fightgrinder: Love Your Enemies
Fightgrinder: Bear Up To Be Free

Mr. Starfaith: "God Told Me: 'Strike At Them And Lead The World To Peace!' "
Mr. Mamoon: "God's Will: To Fight Until Death Or Till Victory!"
Both: "I'm Determinded To Solve Problems With Holy War!
Bleed For Messiah's Of Bombs, Death And Enmity!"

Fightgrinder: Law Number Three
Fightgrinder: Bear Up To Be Free

Fightgrinder: "To Grind Or To Destroy The Wish For Violent Retaliation And To Overcome Physical War By The Weapons Of Faith!"

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