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The Accuser

Band: Adorned Graves
Album: The Hand Of Death
Length: 3:08
Year: 2015
Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Independent
Requests: 21

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Song Info

Cover Of "The Accuser" By Saint


He Wears The Coat Of Darkness
You Know He Wears It Well
He Is The King Of Evil
Sent To Us Straight From Hell
Working His Master Plan
Destroying All Of Man
So Quickly To Deceive
With Tricks Stuffed Up His Sleeve

Stabbing Then Twisting The Accuser Slices You
Stomping And Spitting A Curse On You All

Death Won't Avenge To The Victors
Who's Saving Their Souls From The Darkeness
To Fall

He Knows He Can't Prevail
Thrown To The Gates Of Hell
Forced Down On To Knee
Thrown To The Fiery Sea

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