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Band: Headstone 118
Album: Left Behind
Length: 4:09
Year: 2013
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Tate Music Group
Requests: 64

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I'm In The Darkest Time Of My Life
And I Need You To Hold Me Up
Send An Angel Of Mercy Tonight
And Bring Me Into The Light

I'm In The Depths Of My Own Despair
And I Need You To Lift Me Out Again
I Can't Believe I'm Down Here
Please Help Me To Find My Way Out

And I Need You To Bring Me To My Knees Again
Show Me How To Breathe Again
Guide Me Till The End And Send Me On My Way

If I Stumble And Fall On My Face
Will You Pick Me Up And Dust Me Off
If I Can't Handle This Pain
Will You Hold Me Until It Rains
And Wash Away All My Pain


Chorus: (2x)

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