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Secret Weapon

Band: Disciple
Album: Long Live The Rebels
Length: 3:45
Year: 2016
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Independent
Requests: 11

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I Feign The Fortitude Of Stronger Soldiers
I Carry This Caricature On My Shoulders
No One Can See The Tension Beneath
I Guard The Gateway To The Coward's Kingdom
I Retreat To Ruin In The Face Of Evil
No Place To Hide
I Lift Up My Eyes
I've Got A Secret Weapon
Break Me Down And Bury My Face
I'm A Time-Bomb Ready To Detonate
Leave Me In Ashes I'll Rise Up In Flames
You Can Knock Me Out
Destroy My Name
But My Power It Comes From A Higher Place
And My Weaknesses Just Make Me Stronger
My Weaknesses Will Make Me Stronger
I Live The Luxury Of Dead Men's Organs
I Enlist The Energy Of Greater Forces
No One Can Can See The Stitches Beneath
The Height Of Heaven Is Within My Vision
This Is Much More Than Superstition
God Take This Soul
I Forfeit It All
Tapped Out And I'm Ready For Anything
Blacked Out But The Fire Is Strengthening
Can't Break This Fever That's Fueling Me
I'm Ready To Go
I've Got A Secret Weapon

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