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The Calling

Band: S91
Album: Behold The Mankind
Length: 6:37
Year: 2016
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Underground Symphony Records
Requests: 3

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I'm Looking At A Corrupted Earth
The Heart Of Men Is Going Deaf
I Am Calling Them, But No One Listens To Me
All Humanity Caged In A Limbo

I See A Shepherd From A Simple Tribe
From A Small And Poor Country
Unimportant To Others
Very Precious For Me
Someone Is Listening To Me!

Go! Go!
I'll Make Sure That I'm With You!
Go! Go!
I Want You To Go To Everyone!
One! Go!
So That All People Come Back To Me!

I Will Make You Into A Great Nation!
I Will Make Your Name Great, I Will Bless You!
I Will Bless Those Who Bless You!
All People On Earth Will Be Blessed Through You!

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