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The Son Of God

Band: S91
Album: Behold The Mankind
Length: 6:20
Year: 2016
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Underground Symphony Records
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A Cry Was Heard In Ramah
A Woman Weeps For Her Children
The Lust For Power Of Someone
For The Life Of An Innocent Wise Man

Would Have Been Better For Him
To Die In A Cradle Than In Awareness
But This Was Not His Doom
The Veil Of The Temple Had To Be Destroyed
Sick Healed, Blind See, Dumb Speak, Lame Walking The Streets
His Power Came Down The Earth But His Glory Went Beyond The Miracles
He's The Son Of God!

Hate! They Fear
Cruelty! The Man Who Brings Revolution
Pride! They Fear
Anxiety! The Coming Of God's True Law

No Malice In His Eyes, No Evil From His Mouth
He Knew His Fate, But He Did Not Back Down

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