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Out Of This Alive

Band: Tetelestai
Album: Out Of This Alive EP
Length: 3:16
Year: 2017
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Independent
Requests: 1

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Run Away Run Away
Try To Stay Alive
Run Away Run Away
Just To Survive
This Isn't A Game
This Is Your Life
Stop Living A Lie
You're Running Out Of Time

You Can Fight
But How Will You Survive
You're Still Blind
It's Killing Killing Killing You Inside
You Can Hide
Salvation Waiting On The Other Side
Hear His Voice
It's The Only Way Out Of This Alive

Run Away Run Away
Get Out Of Sight
Run Away Run Away
Head Towards The Light.
You've Heard The Truth.
Take That Advice
If You Want This To Change
It's Time To Make A Choice



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