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Love Is Pain (Heartbroken)

Band: Hypersonic
Album: Existentia
Length: 4:16
Year: 2016
Genre: Power Metal
Label: Revalve Records
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My Destiny Was Meeting You
Kiss Your Lips Was My Weakness
My Heart Won Reason And My Hand
Was On The Wrong Way

Love Ruined Kings And Rich Lands Forever More
Through The Eyes Of Fear Cursed By Despair

I Cry 'cause Love Is Pain
Prepare To Die Inside Your Heart
I Feel Your Breath On Me
A Painful Thorn, A Withered Rose

Now I Am A Warrior Without Weapons
And My Heart Is My Strength
My Body Is Suffering

You' Re My Pandora's Vase, Your Beauty Made Me Blind
I Can Hear Your Dark Lies, Never Go Back!

I Shout 'cause Love Is Pain
Until The End My Tears Are Falling
My Wounds Are Deep Inside Me
I Want To Heal My Broken Heart!

Ohh, I Cry Cause Love Is Pain
Prepare To Die Inside Your Heart

I Cry!
Love Is Pain!
'cause Love Is Pain!

Heartbroken, Heartbroken

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