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We All Die Alone

Band: The World Will Burn
Album: RuiNation
Length: 4:37
Year: 2017
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: Independent
Requests: 158

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I Thought It Was Raining As I Awoke
But It Was The Sound Of Ear-Splitting Shrapnel
And I Choked, Suffocating From The Dirt, Must Learn To Cope

Find It Hard To Breathe This Thick Air
Now To Fight - No Time To Say A Prayer
Cause If A Man Had Any Promises To Make
He Should Have Made His Vows Yesterday

No Place To Run, No Place To Hide
This Was Not The Land Where I Wanted To Die
So I Charge Hard And I Fight Well
Against Their Devils And Against Their Hell

Bodies To The Left Of Me
And Explosions To My Right
It Looks Like Daylight
In The Blackest Of Nights

We All Die Alone
Floating On A Whisper And A Prayer,
We All Die Alone
Peaceful Silence Of Nothingness
We All Die Alone
Floating On A Whisper And A Prayer
We All Die Alone
Cold Panic And Great Despair

Swimming Against The Tide
Looking Up At The Sky
One More Glance At Life
Before I Sink And Die

Drinking To Ease The Pain
Drinking To Keep Me Sane
Drowning In Guilt And Shame
Drowning In Jesus' Name

No Time To Fear
Though Every Man Is Afraid
If Any Of Us Survive, We'll Be
Digging A Thousand Senseless Graves

Machine Gun Fire Makes A God Awful Sound
The Smell Of Gun Smoke And Burning Brass Rounds
We Plant Our Feet And Stand Our Ground
Our Hearts Are Heaving And Our Chests Pound

Keep Your Head Low I Heard Someone Say
If You Want To Live To Fight Another Day
All For This, All For What - This Land?
This Dirt, The Clay, This Clump Of Mud

Shock, The Horror, The Anger The Rage
Gut-Wrenching Violence On A Mind-Numbing Stage
Nothing Is Easy That's Worth Having
Nothing Worth Having If It Brings You Only Pain

There Is A Fine Line Between Joy And Heart-Ache
Step Over The Line And Sometimes There's No Coming Back

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