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Apocalypse Horde

Band: The Showdown
Album: Blood In The Gears
Length: 4:22
Year: 2010
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Solid State Records
Requests: 12

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Befouler Worlds, Creeping Like Cancer!
Swarm And Enfold And Strip Bare
Deep In The Heart, Dripping And Blackened
Wither Under Its Dead Stare
Locked On Your Spine
No Place To Hide
The Apocalypse Horde!

Unending Hunger!
Unshakable Thirst
The Apocalypse Horde
Kneel And Tremble

Fungus And Rot, Eat The Foundation
Imminent Collapse So Near!

Decades Of Filth, Utopia's Promise
Bring A Cadaverous Dream
All Hail The War Machine
All Hail The Captor Of Souls
All Hail The Great White Dream
The Apocalypse Horde

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