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Bring 'em Down

Band: Deliverance
Album: The Subversive Kind
Length: 3:37
Year: 2017
Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Roxx Records
Requests: 99

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Song Info

Featuring Greg Minier (The Crucified) On Lead Guitar


Superficial Views Of What My Life's Supposed To Be
Abnorm Is Norm, We Adopt A Fractured Reality
Shattered Image, Human Frailty Is Wide Awake
Polished Gems, A Golden Hue Of Idols That We Make

The Censorship Is Real, But We're All Afraid To Look
And Put Our Trust In A Man, Ignoring The Lives He Took
The Bets Are 5 To 1, 1 & 5 To Mark The Damage We'll Make
Slavery Prevails, The Zombies Walking Tall, A Game Of Give And Take

Give And Take! Bring 'em Down!

Misled, Misunderstood, Misinformed!
Red, White And Blue And Green
The Only Colours That We See

Did You Stand In Line?
Did You Partake In Atrocity?
Did You Replace Logic And Reason For A Misplaced Reality?

Bring 'em Down!!!

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