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Romance Me

Band: Disciple
Album: Southern Hospitality
Length: 3:32
Year: 2008
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: INO Records
Requests: 38

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Is Solace A Hopeless Crusade
The Grandeur Of A Raping Plague
A Portrait That Is Best Forgotten
Bed Of Fire For The Dying Orphans
Is There A Bridge For The Endless Mote?
A River For The Arid Throat?
A Sun For The Winter Flower?
A Knight In The Weeping Hour?

The Poison Sails On Ships With Pain My Veins Have Never Known
My Eyes Have Seen The Glory Of The Antidote

A Love Lifted, The Curse Has Left Its Birthplace
Romance Me, Ransom Me
A Love Lifted, In Paradise Remember Me
Romance Me, Ransom Me

The Idol That Birthed Betrayal
Where Eulogies Have Littered The Trail
A Song That Is Sung With A Forked Tongue
Blackballed By The Angels
And We're Dropping Like Flies
An Assault To The Eyes
Spraying Death In Every Direction
This Infection's A Torrential Tide

Amazing, Sweet Mercy, Romance Me, Ransom Me

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