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Kings Of Hollywood

Band: Liberty N' Justice
Album: Soundtrack Of A Soul
Length: 4:00
Year: 2005
Genre: Hard Rock
Label: LNJ Records
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Song Info

Featuring Ez Gomer (Jet Circus)


Open Your Eyes
And Shut Them In Fear
Bite Your Lips
And Hope It Disappears

Banish Me From Your Kingdom
True Justice Is Blind
In My World Of Darkness
Your Lights' Gotta Shine

Well, I Must Be Blind
Giving So Much Time
I Get Nothing Back
From The Kings Of Hollywood

Yeah, Don't Lose Control
I Ask Again To Save My Soul
Again And Again And Again And Again

Oh, I'm Starving Naked
Yeh, So Where's The Bread
Oh Mercy, Please Before I'm Dead

Went To The Wise Man
In A Quiet And Distant Place
But He Couldn't Really Understand

I'm Like A Beggar
In Sorrows And Disgrace
I'm Hurting, God Lend Me A Hand

Yeah, Life Is Like A Movie I Know
Everyone's A Stranger
I'd Like To Get It, Truth Before I'm Old

Well, I Must Be Blind
Wasting So Much Time
Life Begins
And Life's Not Hollywood

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