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System Breakdown

Band: System Breakdown
Album: 102
Length: 5:56
Year: 2003
Genre: Metal
Label: Rivel Records
Requests: 11

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Don't You Look Into That Eye Again
The Spark You Saw There Deep Inside Is Dangerous My Friend
And Will You Try Another Round?
Before They Shoot You To The Ground
Oh No - You Never Never Know Just When To Leave
You're Close To Red Alert And They Scream

System Breakdown - You Used To Rule, Now Where's Your Golden Crown?

Will You Ever Feel Your Heart Again
You Think For Sure You'll Free Your Dreams Somewhere
Or Just Get Sleepless Nights - The Sweetest Nights
When The Love You Shared Back Then Is Out Of Sight
Oh No - You Never Never Know When To Believe
Jump The Ship Right Away Before You Get Another

System Breakdown

Oh No
Down Down Down
Down Down Down

Shake Me, Break Me, Just Come On And Take Me
But You Can't Put Out The Flame That Burns Inside
Blind Me, Grind Me, Just Come On Rewind Me
But I'll Still Be Standing Here Eyes Open Wide

Oh No - We Never Never Know When To Believe
It Hurts To Feel The Heat And We Scream

System Breakdown - We Used To Rule The World, Now Where's Our Crown?

System Breakdown System Breakdown System Breakdown...

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