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Dying Rose

Band: Sweet & Lynch
Album: Only To Rise
Length: 3:41
Year: 2015
Genre: Metal
Label: Frontiers Music
Requests: 18

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Somebody Told Me You've Got To Give It To Get Out
I Found The Hard Way And That's Something That I Never Doubt
Life Is What You Make It, It's All Up To You So They Say
If You Get Knocked Down Seven Times, You Just Have To Get Up Eight

I'm Not Opening The Broken Doors
I'm Not Staring Through The Shattered Windows
I'm Not Falling Through The Open Floors
I Won't Fade Like A Dying Rose

Yeah It's So Easy To Just Stay Down And Take A Fall
But There's Honor And Glory And It's Written So Plain On The Wall
Oh There Ain't No Feeling Like The One That You Get When You Succeed
If It Feeds Your Spirit And Shows You That Faith Is All That You Need



Chorus: 2x

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