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Dead To Self Radio (D2S) delivers high-quality Christian/positive rock and metal from the 1980s to today. Streaming worldwide to thousands of dedicated music fans 24/7 with one of the largest playlists in this genre, Dead To Self Radio is committed to providing safe and quality entertainment. Established in 2011 by internet radio veteran Tom Johns and web designer/programmer Nathaniel Dragon, Dead To Self Radio promotes music seldom heard on the FM band. We not only want to feature the best in Christian hard rock and metal but we want to deliver great music to the people so that they can support independent artists.

You can find us on SHOUTcast (Christian Metal), tunein, and most other online radio directories. You can also listen on your iPhone, iPod Touch, BlackBerry, Smartphone, PSP, or Wii. Discover the best unsigned bands, hear the newest releases, reminisce with the classics, and listen to all of your favorite artists on Dead To Self Radio! We also provide various themed shows throughout the week so check out our Schedule for a complete listing.

Colossians 3:5 - Therefore consider the members of your earthly body as dead to immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and greed, which amounts to idolatry. (NASB)

Our Mission

To be a source of safe, positive and encouraging entertainment.

Our Vision

Dead To Self Radio's soul purpose is two-fold; first, we intend to provide our listeners with the best online radio experience through our broadcast and website. Secondly, we intend to provide independent Christian artists with a source to be heard and supported.

Christian Music?

There has been some debate regarding which artists should or should not have music played on a Christian radio station, but at Dead To Self Radio, our goal is to provide an alternative to secular rock and metal radio stations. We want to deliver music for entertainment, provided that the presentation does not contradict our Christian faith. Not all of the music that we feature on Dead To Self Radio is considered "Christian music" but may be performed by artists who are Christians or by bands that have Christian members in them and their music does not contradict our faith, morals, or beliefs.


"DTS Radio has been an amazing supporter of Visual Cliff, as well as my solo/side projects. Your support and service to indie bands has been a tremendous blessing. The exposure to the DTS audience has increased our fan base and supporters which has resulted in our ministry's ability to keep jugging along to do His will. May God continue to bless this endeavor and use it for His glory."

Rob Perez - Visual Cliff/Trinity Records

Dead to Self has been rocking me to death for years now. Their ministries provide so much in a lost world. This is where I listen to the onslaught of Christian metal Old school and new!!!! Thanks for all you do Tommy....

Richard Lynch - Saint

'Dead To Self Radio' is becoming one of the premier places to go to where you can hear all of your favorite Christian Rock and Metal tunage. Roxx Records has been working and supporting Tom and his 'Dead To Self Radio' station for years and it just seems to keep getting better and better! Whether you want to hear the classics of Christian Rock or the latest from today's Christian Metal scene 'Dead To Self Radio' will not disappoint! Not to mention you should go their daily for all the news you can use! If you want to keep up with what’s going on in the scene, 'Dead To Self Radio' is where it's at! A really class act in our book and from the looks of it they are here to stay, a real force to contend with for years to come! Check them out today!

Bill Roxx - Roxx Productions

Dead to Self Radio is a light in a dark world. Their body of work gives a format for Christian Rock that is getting harder and harder to find. As a member of The Brave, it is my great pleasure to endorse Tom and his team as a vessel of hope that this world desperately needs in this day and age where the enemy prowls like a lion. The site is easy to use, and from a technical standpoint, a great accessory to your iPod, iPhone or iPad(yes, they support other formats as well, but I'm an Apple Thanks for all that you do to support this genre Tom, and keep up the great work!

Stayce Roberts - Guitarist/The Brave

Tom and the rest of the Dead To Self radio staff have integrity and vision to go further out past the musical realm of the 'typically' played rock genre's and let their listeners have a musical feast which includes many lesser known artists. We've always appreciated their support of X-Sinner and even more recently with my GX Project releases. Good people and great taste - how can you miss?"

Rex Scott - The GX Project/X-Sinner

Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks so very much for your work and station. It has become a strong blessing in my life. I currently live in France with my wife, a land of no Christian radio. In addition, I am a head-banger of old who has struggled to find a decent alternative to the secular junk that's out there. I found you on my "Tune-In Radio" app. I really, really like the music you play. Strong metal – perfect for my workouts. I had no idea there was so much healthy metal music out there. Kind of funny, but I started writing down the names of artists and songs to get a list to purchase, but you play so many strong songs I figure I can just stick with your station and I'm covered. Blessings to you all and thanks again for this ministry. I will continue to tune in for a long, long time.

Bob - Listener from France

I have been listening since the station was known as "The Refinery" and seen and heard it grow over the years. To hear Christian music that you would normally never hear on radio is a blessing for both the listener and the bands.

David - Listener from Southfield, Michigan

G'day from down under, just a quick shout out to you guys.. rock on! Thank you for this ministry, you rock some awesome Aussie bands. We do appreciate it. Christ alone is glorified so we need to be dead to self. Been spreading the word about you guys down here to metal fans.

A Bailey - Listener from Austrailia

Hi DeadtoSelfRadio Just want to say, I love the Radio Station. I live in South Africa so really appreciate the tunes. So good to hear good Christian Metal/Rock. I'm a Thrash Metal guy so I get super exited hearing Deliverance, The Crucified ect. Thanks for introducing me to some new/old tunes, really like the 80s stuff. So cool learning the History of the Christian Metal scene.

Craig Sivell - Listener from South Africa

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