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Dead To Self Radio (D2S) was created to reach and build up people through music that is positive and uplifting. D2S Radio is 100% listener supported. Although we are free to listen to, it is not free to broadcast. We have to pay royalties, licenses, streaming, web hosting, domains, and other costs associated with broadcasting. Also, we have to buy a lot of our own music. Because D2S Radio is considered a niche market station (Christian metal), it is difficult to get sponsors or supporters to buy into us. Therefore, we rely on our listeners to help keep us DEAD so that we can keep you DEAD. There are several ways that you can support us.

Keep us in your prayers.

Make a donation.
Please note: D2S Radio is not a 501(3)(c) and contributions are not tax-deductible.

Buy a D2S T-shirts from our Dead Shop.

Use our links to purchase products. (We get a small percentage which we use to purchase music.)

Buy merchandise from our sponsors/advertisers.

Dead Upgrades

Every visitor to the website can make 5 song requests per hour. These requests are played, usually after 1 hour, but sometimes longer depending on other songs that have been played because of randomization in the radio station software and internet radio regulations.

When someone becomes a registered member of the site, they are allowed 1 Quick Play (QP) Request per day. Requests made using the Quick Play buttons are played much quicker. As members become more active on the site, they earn more QPs. The main way to earn more QPs is through posting on the forum to get promoted to higher levels. 50 posts are required to reach the second level, 100 posts for the third level, 250 for 4th and 500 for the 5th (highest) level.

Members who would like to support the website through donations can also get D2S upgrades.

DOA: Donate $10 or more and get a Quick Play (+1) upgrade for one month.

Donate - $10.00

Embalmed: Donate $25 or more and get a Quick Play (+1) upgrade for three months.

Donate - $25.00

Corpse: Donate $100 or more and get a Quick Play (+1) upgrade for one year.

Donate - $100.00

Zombie: Donate $250 or more and get a Quick Play (+1) upgrade permanently.

Donate - $250.00

Also... if you listen to both D2S Radio and Fuel Radio, you can upgrade your account for the other station at the same time for half that. For example, $15 will get you a regular upgrade (one month) on both stations. (Please PM Tom or Nathaniel if interested)

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