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Free download of Fleas Naughty Dog Vol. 5 by Rottweiler Records


"Fleas Naughty Dog" has been a Rottweiler Records tradition for 7 years with the sole purpose of honoring God, celebrating life in Him, worldwide music scene unity regardless of musical style, and having a ton of fun in the process...

Source: Rottweiler Records

Stryper Singer Michael Sweet To Release New DVD


Stryper singer Michael Sweet is set to release a new DVD, entitled Sole: Songs And Stories From A Life In Music. The footage on the DVD was filmed on June 2nd at the Narrows Center For The Arts in Fall River, Massachusetts...

Source: BraveWords

Philadelphia - Search & Destroy Coloring Contest


Roxx Records is very excited to announce a multi-album release project where we will be reissuing some very cool Limited Edition releases from the catalog of classic Christian rockers PHILADELPHIA !!!

Source: Roxx Productions

Getting to know...

Chaz Bond |  BioGenesis

This is a monthly article where we get to know those from the Christian music industry a little bit better. We find out what is going on in the lives of your favorite musicians, writers, artists, and more...

In this month's article, we caught up with Chaz Bond from "BioGenesis" and got a little personal...

Who was the biggest influence in your life ?

Chaz Bond: Probably my dad. Although we are not exactly alike, I kept much of his advice over the years and I still live by many of those principles that he instilled in me.

What was the coolest Christmas present you ever got?

Chaz Bond: There have been so many good ones growing up. My mother always spoiled me on Christmas and birthdays...I may have to go with a bicycle that she bought for me. I must have been around 10 years old. I loved it and took it everywhere.

Where is your favorite place to spend the holidays?

Chaz Bond: I spend most of my holidays back home in Dayton Ohio. All of my family lives there and its always great to see everyone.

When did you first become a Christian?

Chaz Bond: I was eleven years old. I always believed in God but had not heard about salvation until that year in 1986. My step mother told me about it and I wasted no time saying my salvation prayer that same day.

Why do you celebrate Christmas?

Chaz Bond: I celebrate mostly as a great time to be with family but I also enjoy watching my daughter open her presents. I think its great that we have a day like that every year.

How do you make fruit cake taste good?

Chaz Bond: I don't. My wife makes all the food around here. LOL

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