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After nearly two decades in the business in various bands and projects. We have decided to take matters into our own hands and want to raise money for our new album directly from the people who have supported our bands all these years.

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Silversyde Full Length Album Campaign


There is no exception for our new album 'In The Dark'. It's being written and constructed for YOU, your kids, your friends, co-workers, and their families. Together with your help we can leave a mark on lives that will resound through eternity! -Laura 

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Help Support The Protest's New Album via Indiegogo


This will be our 3rd studio album and we are more focused than ever to reach people with the hope that is found in Jesus through our music. We have been writing harder than we ever have in hopes to give you guys the absolute best product! We have chosen to work with producer Matt Arcaini (Disciple, Aaron Gillespie, Verdia) out of Nashville. We are at our best live and he wants to help us capture that energy! There are great rewards for those who choose to join us in making this album a reality!

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Getting to know...

Alan Zaring |  The World Will Burn

This is a monthly article where we get to know those from the Christian music industry a little bit better. We find out what is going on in the lives of your favorite musicians, writers, artists, and more...

In this month's article, we caught up with Alan Zaring from "The World Will Burn" and got a little personal...

Who are your biggest influences both musically and spiritually?

Alan Zaring: First, let me say I appreciate the opportunity to be involved with Dead to Self Radio. It's a challenge for fans to find new music these days in the giant sea of releases. Dead to Self does a great job of compiling the best and connecting artists and fans.
I have so many influences I don't know where to start! I listen to just about everything so I can't say which influences are biggest. Concerning The World Will Burn, I think I can narrow it down to a few bands that really had an impact on me and what I like in heavy music. First, I would say the band Faith No More. I mean the old band, back when they had Chuck Mosley singing. I got the album "Introduce Yourself" when it came out, and it changed my whole outlook. It was heavy but had this amazing groove. And it was emotional. When you listen to it you experience all sorts of feelings that get translated through the speakers. It was really eye-opening. I try to do that with the music I make for The World Will Burn. I want the music to effect the listener directly, not just for them to hear it. I am also a big fan of classic rock bands. They could sound really heavy without growling vocals and blast beat drums. Bands like Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, and Nazareth were all amazing in that they had such good hooks that just made you want to start banging your head. It took me a while to figure out the difference between heavy and distorted. Heavy music had groove. Heavy music has hooks. I try to bring a lot of that into The World Will Burn.
Spiritually, it's hard for me to disconnect from my musical influences. Music is also deeply spiritual for me so they go hand in hand. Mylon LeFevre had some really wonderful albums in the 80s that spoke to me. I also really loved the Southern California punk bands during that time, like Undercover, the Altar Boys, and the 77s. They were really out there but had such solid lyrics that were a great encouragement when I was younger. I gather my spiritual teachings from a lot of sources, and not one person or church. I like to listen to different teachers, I get a lot from my home church, and draw a lot of conclusions on my own. If you are looking for some solid teaching, you can't beat old school Billy Graham.

What are your favorite hobbies?

Alan Zaring: I have way too many hobbies! As you might guess, music is my biggest and most time consuming hobby, but I really love doing it. I say it's a hobby because a lot of people don't know there are very few artists playing original music these days that can do it full time. Like most of them, I work other jobs to support my family and eat, so music isn't my full time gig. Otherwise, I usually find myself outdoors. I really love to fly fish, so I try to find time to take a few trips every year and do quite a bit of fishing on my local streams. I am also an avid wingshooter. I hunt upland birds locally and usually take a trip or two with my setter Catie each year. I have to say it really is more about participating in God's perfect, flawless creation that anything else. Getting away from people and into the open spaces. Everything there is just the way God intended it to be. I find that very stress-relieving.

Where is your favorite place to hang out?

Alan Zaring: That one is easy! My home! I have a great family and I love to just be with them. Our house is full of laughter and good times. A close second would be at our farm, where I grew up and many generations of my family lived. I feel a connection with the land and my ancestors there that brings me a lot of peace.

When did you first accept Christ as your savior?

Alan Zaring: I was really young when I felt God call me, but like a lot of people, I wasn't really sure what meant. I struggled a lot as a younger man but never completely lost touch with my faith. He never gave up on me and I kept putting one step in front of the other. Over time my faith grew stronger and I started to put away the foolishness that causes distraction. Since my confession of faith as a child I have learned that it is a process, not just a moment in time. I'm in a really good place right now so I can say it keeps getting better if you never give up.

Why do you like springtime?

Alan Zaring: It's spring right now in Kentucky and if you could see what I see every day, you wouldn't have to ask that question! Everything is so full of life! The trees are budding, everything is blooming, and we are having our first warm days that beg you to go outside and do something. I think spring reminds us of renewal and rebirth, especially when we approach the Easter season. I love all the seasons but it's hard to beat spring time in the Kentucky bluegrass.

How did you and Dale Thompson meet?

Alan Zaring: Great question! I have known Dale's brother Troy for what seems like forever. I would go to the local shows before Bride got signed and played in a few bands as well. Troy and I became friends and would hang out quite a bit. I knew Dale somewhat but we weren't really friends at that time. When Bride got signed and started touring so much, Troy and I sort of lost touch until about 10 years ago or so and we reconnected. When Bride started working on their album "Incorruptible" I helped a little bit by introducing Dale and Troy to some great musicians I knew and whatever else I could do. I got to know Dale better through that process. We hit it off well and stayed in touch after he moved to New Zealand. I had written a few songs and asked him to write some lyrics for them. That's how The World Will Burn started. I know we are a strange band, with only two members living on opposite sides of the world. However I think we both feel like this is a real band and we are both excited about where things are going. Our new album "RuiNation" was just released, and it is just an absolute monster of a recording. It's a big, thick, emotional wall of sound and groove. We can't wait for people to hear it. If you want to know anything else about us or the new album our website is pretty complete. It's

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