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The Hand Of Death

Band: Adorned Graves
Released: 2015
Label: Independent
Rating: 5/5 Skulls (1)

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Reviews For "The Hand Of Death"

Mosh it up! Doom it down!

By tombie on 11/23/2015

Adorned Graves is a doom/thrash metal band out of Germany. Their EP, "The Hand Of Death", is four songs of old school in you face metal! Starting off the EP is "Adorned Graves". This is a cool song and it starts off with a cool into and then gets into an awesome doomy riff before exploding into a nice little mosh. The song rocks and is one of my favorites. Nice blend of both doom and thrash. The next track is the title track, "Hand Of Death". It starts off in a mid-tempo mosh before the head bangin' kicks in. The vocals remind me of early Vengeance Rising. Cool song! "Fightgrinder" is the third track and it rocks as well. Some double bassed fury is included. Another great song! The final track is a cover of Saint's "The Accuser" moshed up and doomed down. Great job! Overall, the album has a great production, the band is very talented; no slackers at all. The songs are all tight and rock. The only issue is that the album is too short... Tommy want more Adorned Graves. Great album, grab it and get ready to mosh!

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