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Master Of The Metal

Band: Messiah Prophet
Released: 1986
Label: Pure Metal Records
Rating: 4/5 Skulls (1)

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Album Info: Released in 1986 on Pure Metal Records, this was the band's second album.
In 1986, the band became the first artist signed to new label Pure Metal Records, a subsidiary of the Refuge Music Group. They shortened their name to Messiah Prophet and recorded Master of the Metal in 1986. Drummer, Dave Daubert, left the band prior to going into the studio for this release. David "Thunder" Armstrong was brought on board to record the title track "Master of the Metal". During the recording of the rest of the album, Pellman left the band and was replaced with bassist Joe Shirk. Brian Nicarry was also hired to play rhythm guitar. Shirk and Nicarry previously played together in a local band. A much larger cross-country touring schedule followed, after the release of Master of the Metal.


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Charlie Clark - Lead Vocals
Andy Strauss - Lead Guitars/Backing Vocals
Dean Pellman - Bass/Backing Vocals

Additional Personnel:
Brian "Shannon" Nicarry - Rhythm Guitars/Vocals
Kai Jansen - Backing Vocals
Mark Ramage - Backing Vocals
Dave Ramage - Backing Vocals
Lori Pellman - Backing Vocals
Bill Grabowski (David Neal Band) - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Alexander Paul - Guitars
Joe Shirk - Bass/Backing Vocals
David "Thunder" Armstrong - Drums/Percussion/Backing Vocals

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