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Gone [Deluxe Edition]

Band: Red
Released: 2017
Label: Essential Records
Rating: This album has not yet been rated

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Album Info: Released October 27, 2017, this is the band's sixth studio album. The album was funded through crowdfunding via pledgemusic.
In a March 2017 interview, guitarist Anthony Armstrong revealed the band, bassist and twin brother Randy Armstrong and singer Michael Barnes, were in the early stages of recording their sixth studio album. The sessions took place in the northeast US state of Maine, which is where their longtime producer Rob Graves lives and where their previous release, Of Beauty and Rage (2015), was also recorded. The location of the studio, surrounded by woods with wildlife, had a positive effect on the group and they agreed to return to record Gone with just Graves and themselves. By March 2017, the album's title had already been agreed upon by the band. Red took a break from recording in March 2017 to continue with the second half of their tour to commemorate the tenth anniversary of their debut album, End of Silence (2006).
Musically, Anthony noted that Gone continues the style of Red's previous albums as its approach is "alive and well", but wanted to avoid playing "the same four chords" as compared to other contemporary rock bands. Randy approached the album like the band were making their last, a thought he also had with each previous release which prompted him to give the fans "something heavy", yet makes people think about big questions in life. Red albums are known to address darker themes in their music, such as the struggles humans face in life. Gone includes the band's second recorded cover in the form of "Unstoppable" by Australian musician Sia.
Material for Red's sixth album, Gone, was already being worked on in November 2016, with the main rehearsal sessions taking place the month after. Anthony Armstrong expressed a shift in releasing albums in the traditional way due to the decline in physical sales and the popularity of digital music. He also said the group would stray from the Christian rock element of their music into the general music market, including radio airplay. Gone was officially announced in September 2017, and released on October 27. A 17-track deluxe edition is also available
Lyrically, the band has always talked about the darker side of the human experience and the emotions that come with it. Genre-wise, the band has been described as alternative metal, nu metal and post-grunge. They’ve been compared to other bands in their genre, including Skillet, Starset and Breaking Benjamin.
Gone is produced by Rob Graves, who produced every Red album except for 2013’s Release The Panic, and has also produced albums for bands such as Starset and All That Remains.


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Michael Barnes - Lead Vocals
Anthony Armstrong - Guitars
Randy Armstrong - Bass/Background Vocals

Additional Personnel:
Joe Rickard - Drums
Rob Graves - String Arrangement
Igor Khoroshev - String Arrangement

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