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Band: Stavesacre
Released: 2017
Label: Independent
Rating: 5/5 Skulls (1)

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Album Info: MCMXCV (1995), originally titled "Stavesacre VI", is the the band's sixth studio album. Released September 1st, 2017, the album was funded via crowdfunding, it is the band's first release of any kind in seven years, and their first full length album in eleven years. Stavesacre utilized crowdfunding to get the project off the ground, following in the footsteps of many of their peers who have also used that model to fund reunions. A dedicated fanbase for the band has remained in place since their 2010 final EP Against the Silence.
The project features a reunion of members Mark Salomon (vocals), Dirk Lemmenes (bass), Ryan Dennee (guitars), Sam West (drums) and Jeff Bellew (guitar).
The name of the album references the year they were founded, with the band being formed by members of The Crucified following their disbandment in 1995.


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Mark Salomon (The Crucified, Neon Horse, Argyle Park) - Lead Vocals
Jeff Bellew (The Crucified, CHATTERbOX, Argyle Park) - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Ryan Dennee - Guitars/Backing Vocals
Dirk Lemmenes (Argyle Park, Focused) - Bass/Backing Vocals
Sam West (Scaterd Few, The Violet Burning, Saviour Machine) - Drums/Percussion

Reviews For "MCMXCV"


By tombie on 11/27/2017

2017 has been a great year for new releases. Among that list is Stavesacre's latest release, MCMXCV or 1995 for those of you not up to your Roman numeral translation skills. Anyway, this album is the band's sixth release and was funded via a crowdfunding campaign in which I was a funder.
This is the band's first full-length release in about eleven years and features Mark Salomon and Jeff Bellew, originally from The Crucified, Dirk Lemmenes, Ryan Dennee, and Sam West. The name, 1995, refers to the year the band began.
The album features 12 songs, including a short intro, and clocks in around 53 minutes.
After the intro, the first song is called "The Dead Rejoice". Right off, if I just heard this for the first time, not knowing who it was, Stavesacre would have immediately come to mind. It has that unique, familiar sound that the band is known and loved for. Salamon's vocals are soulful and full of passion. The song has a slower midtempo and just has a cool vibe.
"The Tower" is the next song and is a little faster than the first. Again, the vocals are great and the gang vocals sound really cool.
"Accelerating Into Tail Lights" is the next song and was released to the funders a few months early. It is another faster tempo's tune and may be one of my favorites.
The next song is called "One Hand Clapping". It is a midtempo rocker with the Stavesacre signature sound.
"Sleepyhead" is the next tune and it starts off with a nice slow to midtempo drive. Great harmonies on this song and again, vocals are on point. Also, guitars, drums and bass are all mixed in perfectly.
The next track, "Mr Larkspur", is a cool rocker. It starts off cool with Salomon singing soft and low and then kicking in with that almost yelling style that he is known for with Staves...
"On Being Human" is a little faster than the previous tracks and has a cool groove to it. Salomon, again, sounds amazing as does the rest of the band. Another favorite song.
"Sideways" is the next song. It is another midtempo tune.
"Breath Me" is a nice, almost balladic song and probably Salomon's most passionate song on the album. He shows off a little of the higher range at the beginning. One more favorite.
The next song, "Moonstone" is s slow driving tune and another great one. I feel that Mark is pushing himself on this one and it is paying off.
The last song is "Hymn" and my favorite song. It is a slower to midtempo'd grinding song and has some really cool grooves and guitar effects thrown in.
Overall, this album is great from start to finish. All musicians are at the top of their game. The production and mix are excellent and the songwriting and sound are what made me love this band in the first place.

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