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Worth Dying For

In today's culture, it may be difficult to find a worship band that pushes the edge musically and lyrically, and yet is still worship at the core. With the platform of Ammunition Conference held annually in Modesto, California, Worth Dying For has a mission not only to be a band but a youth movement that shakes the nation with the presence and power of God. What started out as a simple vision to write original worship songs given by the pastor of Ammunition Conference, Jeremy Johnson, turned into a youth movement of worship and originality. "Our desire has simply been to see our city saved and a empower a generation to reach their cities for Christ," says worship director of Worth Dying For and Ammunition, Christy Johnson, "Our music and creativity is the bi-product of that passion."
Jesus Christ and music are the two things that consume the thoughts and lives of the band. Combine the two, and you get the heart of the ministry; worship. They are ordinary people that have a desire to show others how to fall in love with God in a deeper, more passionate way. The music that God has used them to write has changed their ministry and city. Worth Dying For draws heavily on a theme that defines the band’s mission: Infiltrate, Destroy, Rebuild. Infiltrate every city with the gospel of Jesus Christ, destroy the works of the enemy, and rebuild today’s culture. This ministry is more creed than career, more mission than music. And the music, aggressive guitars, searing vocals and heart-provoking lyrics, speaks for itself.
"The mission and vision does not end with Worth Dying For, it is only the beginning," says Sean Loche, one of the worship leaders in Worth Dying For, "We hope to inspire the next generation to continue writing songs for His Kingdom and learn that they can turn their calling and voices into powerful Ammunition to help people fall in love with Jesus."
"It is our mission to raise up an army from the dust of the earth; the nothings, the left outs and abandoned. We serve a generation that marches to the beat of a different drum. Passion has robbed them of normality. It's as if something was built inside that screams, ‘I will worship in the midst of pain and trials.’ We realize we are the end of the story. The heroes of faith are cheering us on and its through worship that we fight. Our job is to blow the trumpet in Zion, or in our case, guitars and keytars. We will sound the alarm, that the King of Kings has won the victory, and His name is Jesus."

Jeremy Johnson
Lead Pastor
Ammunition and The Stadium

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