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Slaves And Kings

Band: S91
Album: Behold The Mankind
Length: 5:52
Year: 2016
Genre: Progressive Metal
Label: Underground Symphony Records
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A World Divided Between Kingdoms, Empires And Dynasties
Injustice Masked By Kings And Tyrants
Men Who Overwhelm Other Men
Children Who Are Born In Slavery
My Sons Are Chained
But They Don't Want To See It

No Dreams No Freedom
No Hope No Dreams

I Am A God
You Think You're God
I Am Right
You Think You're Right
I Know Everything
You Think You Know Everything
I Can Do Everything
You Think You Can Do Everything
Look What I've Done
Submissive People
Altars, Palaces
Wars And Bloodshed
An Empire Full Of Faithful Men
Innocent Lives Sacrificed
I Sell Self-Assurance To Gain Their Minds
On The Altar Of Lust

Before My Eyes There Are No Slaves And Kings
Only Guilty Men Who Need To Repent

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