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The Annals Of Subterfuge

Band: Deliverance
Album: Hear What I Say!
Length: 4:42
Year: 2013
Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: Roxx Records
Requests: 12

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Lies - Spewing Out In Fury, Seeking Out The Weak
Bold - Authoritative Stance, Disguised As The Meek
Made - To Feel Less Than Human, Abnormal Tendencies
Forced - To Surrender Life's Will, A Lived Expectancy

Kraft (German For "strength") - Gerhosam (German For "obedient")

Will We Live Our Lives Plagued In Guilt?
Or Will We Live On Freedom Promised?
Laws Of Stone Or Felt From The Heart?

Cries - A Voice In Search Of Freedom, But Bound By The Will
Defeat - Lifeless In The Eyes, The Lower Self To Kill
Pierce - A Stab At The Sky, Find The Voice Within
Strength - Rise Against The Tide, Make The Earth Cave In

Fear - Of The Consequence, To Make The Needed Change
Core - The Center Of Your Being, The Hidden Light Engaged
Taunt - Brave The New Element, Pay Disparage No Mind
Rise - From The Dead Land You've Surmised, And Pierce The Sky!

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