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Space And Time

by Lovewar

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Bio: Lovewar started in the fall of '88 and consisted of Tim Bushong on guitar and a friend on bass and drum machine. They recorded a 6 song demo and sent it out to some underground Christian magazines. That in turn got some interest from an old friend who asked if he could send it to some people. He sent it to the Elefante brothers out in L.A. so they flew out there and met them. They ended up sign...

Soak Your Brain

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Album Spotlight

Long Way Back To The Moon by Galactic Cowboys is in the album spotlight for the month of December. Released November 17, 2017 on Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Records, this is the band's seventh studio album and first in nearly seventeen years. On July 4, 2016, they announced via bassist Monty's Rockcast podcast (#176) that they had signed with a progressive record label and were working on a new album with the original lineup (Colvin, Huggins, Doss, Sonnier). Said Colvin: "It was an absolute pleasure getting back together with the guys to record this album. I think we've all grown as musicians and as people since we first got together in '89, and I think our fans will really love this new stuff."

Classic Spotlight

Blood by Red Sea is in the classic spotlight for the month of December. Released November 29, 1994 on Rugged Records and produced by P. K. Mitchell, this was the band's first and only album. It featured vocalist Robin Kyle Basauri, who sang for Die Happy, alongside former badlands bassist Greg Chaisson and drummer Jeff Martin as well as former Fear Not guitarist, Chris Howell. This is a bluesy hard rock masterpiece with plenty to spare.

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