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by Rally Of The Lost

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Bio: Hard working and hard rocking band "Rally of the Lost" is a four piece band with members living in different cities, but that does not slow the band down. Their passion for writing music and playing live for their fans is what fuels the band. They bring a heavy sound backed up with an adrenaline fueled live show with a positive and faith inspired message. Their debut EP titled "Stronghold" ha...


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  • A word-for-word comic presentation of the Bible
  • April 26, 2017, 04:06:54 AM
  • Please check out our friends at Word for Word Bible Comics. A word-for-word comic presentation of the Bible, using a bold contemporary style and historical accuracy to bring out the impact and excitement within the Scriptures to a more mature audience, right here

  • We now have lyrics to over 7,500 songs!
  • April 21, 2017, 09:32:35 AM
  • Special thanks to BigGuy48220 for all the help on this. We are now at over 7,500 songs with lyrics. Remember, just click on the "information" icon (i) to view lyrics. We continue to add daily so keep checking back if your favorite song(s) do not have them yet. Also, if you have lyrics for the ones that are missing, please send them to us.

Album Spotlight

It Has Begun by Grave Forsaken is in the album spotlight for the month of October. Featuring nine tracks of head banging thrash metal, the band stays true to their trademark sound. After thirteen years of moshing, it does not sound like they are slowing down. Their passion for metal and God are evident in their music and lyrics. The band works hard and seem to get better with every release and It Has Begun... is no exception! If you loved this band in the beginning, you will love them still.

Classic Spotlight

Saviour Machine I by Saviour Machine is in the classic spotlight for the month of October. Saviour Machine I was recorded after the band signed a record deal with the Christian music label Frontline Records at The Green Room and The Mixing Lab. The album was produced by Terry Scott Taylor and co-produced and arranged by Eric Clayton. The overall atmosphere of the album is dark, and the symphonic keyboards give it an apocalyptic rock opera feel. The album incorporates influences from gothic rock and the dark heavy metal style of Black Sabbath.

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